MY BRAIN IS MELTING! MELTING! And other such melodramas

Some days I play on photoshop designing hyper-fantastic graphics and making our company into the most marketable and puppy loving environmental consulting firm in Chicago.  Some days I pretend to be creative and write articles for our newsletters, subversively brainwashing all 656 average readers to live simpler, JVC-type lives.  Some days I accomplish tasks pertaining to making the company some sort of profit via projects and reimbursement-related shmarnarmanar.

And some days I stare at the computer FEELING MY BRAIN MELTING.

In evidence of this, I present Exhibit the First (and Only):  I sent 52 emails over the course of 6 hours to a coworker who sits a) in the same cubicle area, and ii) at maximum chair spacing,  less than one and a half feet away from me.

In a moment of pseudo-genius, I took a short break in order to take advantage of the FREE GIVEAWAYS that promotional companies offer (SUCKAS!!!) and ordered several “samples” of these gems:

Greatest Pointless Marketing EVER.

Greatest Pointless Marketing EVER.


In other news: No mice sighted yet. And the apartment smells of rich peppermint. Even from outside.


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  1. 1

    LEAH said,

    MY WORK HAS THOSE PENS AND WE GIVE THEM AWAY. I’m staring at one on my desk now. Sometimes I bring it to important meetings and write with it just for the pure entertainment of trancending professionalism. subversive, I know

  2. 2

    daz_diz said,

    i used to think that i’m the only weird person using brain melting as a term when my brain is so tired from reading and analyzing… then i found your blog.. and you used brain melting as a term too…

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