How I learned to start worrying and love the projector

Alright. So.

This weekend a friend of mine was visiting from New York City. Now, while I love her dearly, we agree on absolutely nothing. Actually, I lie: we once realized we both loved ice cream. That’s it. By all accounts, we should not be friends. And yet… we love each other despite our fervid ideological inconsistancies. Color me befuddled.

Anywhoodle. Friend visiting. Check.

After about 12 straight hours of a) staring at each other b) talking more than Lorelai and Rory and c) watching really bad awesome movies, we decided to leave the confines of my apartment and culturally enrich ourselves by journeying to the Adler Planetarium. Me = SUPERPUMPED because this is the first time since the debates/election that I’ll get to see the famous OVERHEAD PROJECTOR!!

You may recall that during one of the debates John McCain spouted off something about Obama wastefully voting for an earmark that would allot $3 million dollars of federal money to an ‘overhead projector’ in Illinois. Except that by “overhead projector” what he was actually meant is “mega bad assed gigantic star projector” in one of the foremost planetariums in the nation.

Of course, my friend being the my political inverse means it was necessary for me to point our that this ‘wasteful earmark’ was not just some money thrown at a popcorn factory, but in fact something that educates and inspires millions of people to pursue lives full of science. And also point out that this machine is over 40 years old and they don’t make replacement parts for it anymore.

But really… what did anyone ever gain from science in the first place?  I mean… we went to the moon and cured smallpox, so, really there’s no need to inspire further generations.  Really.

Sometimes I worry that we’ve decided science has come as far as it needs to.


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