Alaska Digitel STILL HATES ME

So remember how Alaska Digitel hates me?

They still hate me.

Well, either that or after a week of withdrawal, Carmen misses me.

Exactly two days after Carmen assured me that “there will be a zero balance on the account, and please disregard any past bills,” AK Digitel printed and sent yet another bill.  It turns out that by “zero balance” she meant “remove $4.80 but leave $4.73 due.” (And, yes I’m fighting about less than $10.)

Seriously though, Alaska Digitel. Time for a Come To Jesus talk.  You charged me a disconnect fee of $2.10, and then credited it. Within a single invoice.  Ergo, since obviously you have the mental capability to credit inane charges, one would think you would be able to credit the entire $9.53 due, resulting in a zero balance (see above).  And yet?  You credit the arbitrary figure of $4.80.


So cue another call to AK Digitel where I am placed on the unrepentant FUZZ-MUSIC-FUZZ hold for another 7 minutes after which I am told that Carmen has the day off, but Chris is more than willing to help me.  I – one. more. time. – explain the situation, and Chris places me on evilfuzzworldhold yet again.  When he graces me with his vocal presence again he assures me that he is emailing their accounting department and the whole thing will be taken care of in 3 days.

And I will have a zero balance.

Sure. Bull Shit.


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    Racheal said,


    I stumbled across this blog and I have to tell you that while eloquently written I certainly understand the underlying venom. Being an Alaska Digitel employee I would first like to apologize for the problems you have been having and offer to fix them if they are, in fact still ongoing. I regret that your experience with us led you to such vehemence as I read in the two blogs dealing with my company. If you do need help currently please use the e-mail (which is required) that I included it is my direct work e-mail. Again let me apologize, I wish I had been made aware of this issue before it came to this point as no one should experience such difficulty in disconnecting their service with anyone. I understand at this point there may noot be a way to assuage the bad taste obviously left with you but I do hope that my sincere wish to help you with this issue will at least be a step in the right direction. Thank you.

  2. 2

    wanderingsemantically said,

    Thanks for your concern. Since Writing #2 (AK Digitel still hates me), I haven’t received another bill, so I suppose Chris and Carmen got it together and finally canceled my service.

    Thanks again though for your concern as well as the concern of your coworkers.

    PS (although I suppose it’s somewhat of an anonymous blog, FYI, I am a ma’am, not a sir, if we’re going by preferred genders)

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