Sarah Haskins is my new hero.

Oddly enough, I found this woman, the new possible love of my life, as a result of watching TV and finding myself becoming increasingly angry that Every. Single. Damn. Cleaning. Commercial. has something to do with the fact that women do all the housework AND THEY LOVE IT!  Seriously, even commercials with men in them are playing on the stereotype that women are the only people who clean… or men do it when a) using extremely manly cleaning products or b) sucking up to their wives.

It’s a good thing no men ever live alone or unmarried. They wouldn’t even OWN cleaning products, much less do anything with them! They’d be cleaning everything with duct tape, and that could just become a sticky situation.

Anyhow. Inevitably, as it happens, Anger+Google = Random Findings, which led me to many videos, including this one:

I perhaps Love Her.


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