I live in the IL-05. So basically I’m pretty bad assed right now.

Yes, indeed, I have the pride – nay! – the privilege to live in the Illustrious Il-05. Past Congressional House Reps include infamous folks such as Rahm Emanuel, Rod Blagojevich (YES!), and Dan Rostenkowski.

And so, March 3rd approaches. And I get to be “one of those friends” who informs people that there’s a special election happening in their district. Dudes. Your House Rep is the new Chief of Staff. Let’s assume you voted in the Presidential election… you would have also voted for Rahm (assumably, as Rahm having won the district with 76%).

So, where did you think our Rep was coming from?  Pretty Congress fairies? The governor? ( No, no, no, we only allow them to appoint senators)

Anywhoodle, that being said, this is a fairly unique election, especially for Chicago.  Chicago politics = machine = corruption (see: Blago, Rostenkowski, Daley, Stroger, etc.). And yet, here we have an election where, for many reasons, there’s a 12-way race that probably 4 of the candidates actually have a decent chance of pulling out a win.

Democracy at its best, folks.

As Daily Kos (le sigh) says:

In a high-turnout election, with an extended period of time in which to campaign, it would be reasonable to assume that the cream of the field would rise to the top. But the IL-05 primary is just the opposite; it is a short, brutish battle for a very, very small pool of potential primary voters, a low-turnout primary for a low-turnout special election.

So now I just have to figure out who to vote for, in this high experiement of democracy.  Being the Poli Sci major slash dork I am, a few weeks back we went to a candidate forum at Depaul, but mostly what I came away from that with was the fact that I strongly dislike most politicians.

Can’t Barack just come and run my district, too?


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