Dear North Dakota

Dear North Dakota.

Blow yourself.

You know, until last August, I was all for giving you to Canada. I mean, you’re cold, and far away, and were one of 4 states I had left to visit (and the other three were MS, LA, and AR, which are logically close together, ergo feasibly visitable in one trip).  But then I jaunted through your merry sunflower fields and discovered your rolling hills and took beautiful pictures such as this one:

Seriously, who knew North Dakota was so pretty?

Seriously, who knew North Dakota was so pretty?

And this one:

North Dakotan Proof

North Dakotan Proof

So then I was all for keeping you as a state.  I mean, sunflowers! Woot!

But then you had to go and do this:

North Dakota’s House of Representatives has passed a bill effectively outlawing abortion.

The House voted 51-41 this afternoon to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of any person. That means a fetus could not be legally aborted without the procedure being considered murder.

Minot Democrat Kari Conrad says the bill will land North Dakota in court, trying to defend the constitutionality of a law that goes against the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

(Rep. Kari Conrad, -D- Minot) “People who presented this bill, were very clear that they intended to challenge Roe versus Wade. So they intend to put the state of North Dakota into court defending Roe vs. Wade”

Sigh. Ergo, despite the fact that this is just a House vote and is still on its way to the Senate, per the above, please blow yourself. Hard.

Love, Me.

PS – Afterthought: Perhaps now Barack can barter you to Canada while he’s there.  DUDE!  Then we could finally make Puerto Rico a state (and keep that bad assed 50 number)!  Or maybe DC.  Oooooh this is f*&!ing golden! Let the pay-to-play begin.


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