Dear Bobby Jindal

Dear Bobby Jindal,

Um? Uhh? Hrruummm? Duuurrrhhh?

In the words of every American listening: “What the bloody fuck?”

You are going to point out how we should model our future in the government by… evoking as a role model what was possibly the worst domestic governmental failure in at least the last two decades (I refuse to put more brain power to this and think back further in history)?

Yes. Because what the people at the SuperDome who were lacking food, water, shelter, loved ones, and most of their possessions needed was… uh, less government?  WOOT!! TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY!!!

You have a brain the size and consistency of a packing peanut.

Love, Everyone.

Dear. Effing. God.

Watching Bobby Jindal talk to the American public like we are SEVEN YEAR OLDS, directly after watching the President of the United States address the American public LIKE ADULTS (and in fact, telling everyone that they should aim to be educated beyond high school), was one of the most ridiculous television juxtapositions I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes reality is more frightening than hyper-reality.

On the other end of the spectrum, who didn’t enjoy Obama’s response to Renewable Energy, which I believe was, and I quote: “WOOT, muthafuckahs.”

Too bad he didn’t mention geothermal energy by name, but… whatever.


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