59 people care about local politics

Yesterday I awoke to the twittering of sparrows (remember birds do that, too, not just people), alight with the excitement that it was voting day in the IL-05!  Yes, I’m slighlty a tool.  Moving on.

Hoping to avoid the morning “rush” of voters, I waited until 9:00a to vote before heading in to work.  I then walked to my voting location, picked up my ballot, connected the dots, then excitedly watched as my ballot went into the electronic voter machine. WAHOO democracy!

On the way to work, I texted my sister (who votes at the same place as I) regarding my excitement about this act of Representation and she responded in kind, and added that when she had voted 45 minutes before that she had been the 9th person to vote.

I was #13.

When sister#2 went at 4:15pm, she was #59.  The voting officials told her to remind our dad to vote. Because he was the only one of the 5 of us with the same last name who had not yet that day. Yes, we’re all registered in the same district/precinct/etc.

On November 4th, there were probably 59 people in the room with me as I voted.

Ooooh politics. How you amuse me so.


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