Things that make me angry #4

Setting: Rainy day in the office. Office staff toiling away.


Carla: Diligent Office employee

Miguel: Soils employee

Me: Another Diligent office employee.

SCENE: “Abridged Stupidity”

*Ring ring!*

Carla: Good afternoon, how can I help you?

Miguel: Hey, Carla?  Um, so, I sort of messed up.

Carla: Uhh, why, what happened?

Miguel: Well, uh, I sort of have the truck, right? And I was driving to a site, you know? Um, and with all the rain, it’s, uh, stuck in the middle of a field now. I tried to move it and I can’t get it out. I think I need a tow truck.

Carla: (Long silence)  Uhhhhh…

Miguel: Uhhmmm, yeah. So, can you, like, do that for me.

Carla: Uh, Miguel, I’m not in your department at all. Have you called Peter yet? He is your supervisor.

Miguel: Oh. Well, no?

Carla: Um. Okaaaayyy…. Hang on, let me put you on hold for a second.  <Places call on hold>  Hey. So, Miguel is apparently stuck in the middle of a field with one of the trucks.  Can we send a tow truck?

Me: What the fuck?  Where is Peter, this is his department? Why the hell is Miguel calling us?

Carla: Well, I don’t think Peter is in the office today.

Me: Miguel has his cell number though. Plus, Charles is here.  This is NOT our department. This shouldn’t fall to us. Seriously.

Carla: Well, I think he wants us to look up a tow company for him.

Me: We don’t even know where he is. If they need a credit card number, fine, but Charles can look it up, right? I know this seems mean, but honestly? Not. Our. Business.  How did he even end up in the damn field?

Carla: Well, I just feel bad. I don’t know how he ended up in the field. Let me ask. [Takes phone off hold.] Miguel? Okay, I can look up a few companies and give you numbers. [I roll eyes hard as Carla begins looking up numbers online] Hey, Miguel, how did you even get in the field?

Miguel: Well, uh, I was going out to a site… and… I ended up driving into this field, ‘cuz I thought it was the site.  But… uh, I found out that it’s not the right site.  It’s sort of down the road a little more.


Miguel: Uh, heh heh heh? So… Carla? Can you give me those phone numbers?

Carla: So you’re not even at the right site?!  [Sighs] Fine. Yeah, here, I have three for you.

Miguel: Well, can you just call them for me, you know?

Carla: Miguel, I don’t know where you are, what job site you’re supposed to even be on, or how big the budget for this project is. I have no idea how much this should cost. You should probably discuss this with your supervisor or at least someone in your department.

Miguel: Uh. Okay. But then you can call the tow companies for me, right?

Carla: Why doesn’t one of them just call for you?

Miguel: Well, because, uh, I …. called… you… first?

Carla: [Throws shoes at wall]



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