The past week or so, I’ve been feeling rather peaked.  My favorite maladies of trigger-point headaches and mysterious nausea have combined to attack my immune system and make it physically uncomfortable to be awake, to the point where I’ve missed one day of work and left early another.

Now, on top of the general malaise, the universe has apparently conspired to compound my suffering by causing my office building to shake.

Every. Ten. Seconds.

No, really.  I’ve timed it.

It shakes to the point that a piece of paper taped to my monitor visibly vibrates.

It shakes to the point that there is an audible rattling from things on my desk.

It shakes to the point that I can feel it while standing, sitting, or doing the polka.

But apparently it doesn’t shake enough that everyone in the office feels it.

My department is mystified.  The shaking is so bad that we feel like it’s contributing to headaches and distracting us from our work, but people in other departments claim they can”t feel it.

The shaking must stop.  It must. I’m losing my bloody mind.

The supposition amongst my coworkers is that there is pile driving going on nearby due to construction on a bridge or the like.  And for the most part I buy that.

But a small part of me is a tiiiiiny bit afraid that the entire city of Chicago is going to pull a LOST moment:

Island there

Island there

Island Gone

Island Gone

The shaking must stop.


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