I have a tiny bit of OCD.

The supply closet is going to die.

Here’s a fun neurotic fact about me:  I am a  complete slob who loves organization.

I try to be a neat and orderly person, really I do, but it doesn’t work. Every couple of months I’ll go on a cleaning rampage and tidy my room/apartment/whatever and vow that from THAT POINT ON, any time I receive a piece of mail, or have an article of dirty clothing, or finish a tube of toothpaste, that whatever object it is will be placed precisely where it should be placed, instead of the random piles that I form wherever it seems convenient.  Of course, inevitably, within three days, this new found determination is shot.  Hell, not only do I not take 15 seconds to make my bed every day, but at night my sheets often come off from one corner, exposing the mattress below… and instead of fixing it and stretching the corner back on, I just sleep on the other side of the bed.

That all being unfortunately admitted, while I hate cleaning, I fuckin’ love organization. Files within files, piles within piles. I love it with an OCD amount of not-okayness.  When I clean, I can’t half-ass things.  Not only does everything have to be cleaned, it must be LABELED and in FILES or a series of SHELVES.

So, when our supply closet at work, which, for some reason I perpetually take on as a project and clean, comes to the point of looking like this:

Supply Closet Disasterousness

Supply Closet Disasterousness

I cannot take it anymore. I can’t even look at it, because the sight makes me physically angry.

Today I went to work to make up some hours from being sick earlier in the week, and, deciding to tackle the supply closet while no one else was around, I discovered my anger at the supply closet today became even more pronounced.  Now, I understand that when we get new shipments and office supplies in, there’s not always time to put them away properly.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a box of small paperclips, and you open a package of 20 when there are clearly TWO. OTHER. IDENTICAL. PACKAGES. ALREADY. OPEN. – directly on top of the one you opened – then I feel like you’re just mocking me.  And thank you, all, for leaving empty boxes after taking the last file folder.

Three hours and much OCDness later, the fruit of my self-righteous labor:

Supply Closet Victory

Supply Closet Victory

Paper Clip Shelf aka, I have problems

Paper Clip Shelf aka, I have problems

Currently taking bets on how long this will stay organized.


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    […] about goings-on in the environmental industry.  And those who know me even further are aware that I have things I choose to be incredibly anal and OCD-esque regarding.  For instance, while I choose to be anal towards the proper use of the word “whom” […]

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