Oh, the IL-05 happened.

And under ‘political topics no one cares about’ is the conclusion of the IL-05 election.

I know, I know.  It was unofficially over with the primary last month, since a democrat is nearly always going to win in the IL-05.  But even still, the story of a) the fact that there WAS an election, b) who the winner was, and c) the implications or potential implications, have been covered a pathetic amount in the past two or three days, even in Chicago.

That all being said, when I went to vote at 9:20am, I was the 9th person to vote in my polling location.  Four hours later, my mom was the 16th.  The voting officials more or less begged me to send my dad (whom us sisters three had cajoled into voting in the primary) again. Poor bored voting officials.

On the other hand, I suppose there are more pressing political matters to deal with.  (Hey Minnesota, how things goin’ up there? Blago? How’s the irony of being indicted while in the Happiest Place on Earth?) Oh, plus other little things, like TWO STATES legalizing same-sex marriages in ONE DAMN WEEK.

You know, little things.


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