Ultimate Irony

Tonight, while packing for a flight tomorrow, I suddenly realized I was missing a semi-important piece of paper I’d forgotten about.  The forgetting in itself wasn’t such a big deal, it’s not an incredibly time-sensitive item.  What was a big deal was that the last remembered handling it was about, oh, 7 months ago, which means it could be floating in the vast abyss of Galaxy #4819384Q by now for all I know.

As I naturally do whilst procrastinating things such as packing, I decided that I must find this paper Right! This! Minute! and began my frantic search.  Now, over the past, oh, 9 or 10 months, I’ve slowly amassed a large… well, I title it my, “I Will Go Through This Later When I Have Time and Inclination” pile. But “shit” would work nicely as a title as well.

Therefore, the obvious place to find said missing paper would be somewhere near the bottom of this pile. And as I shuffled through random statements, fliers, x-rays, reusable grocery bags, and a neglected pedometer, after about 5 minutes I did not find the missing sheet of paper… but I did happen across a book.

Curious as to what book I would have tossed so carelessly into the “Ignore and it will file itself” pile, I paused my search long enough to peruse the title, and immediately burst out laughing.

The book was lent to me several months ago by my sister and was titled:

I Hate Filing: Everything You Need to Get Organized for Success and Sanity at Home, on the Run and in the Office.

Organization FAIL

Organization FAIL

<Insert Maniacal Laughing here>



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