I took my bike out today for its inaugural ride along the lakefront bike path (yes, I know it’s June and that’s late but I was injured and so was my bike so ha take that yeah). And, though glorious time and weather it was, by the time I passed Belmont, I was so irked I couldn’t handle it, so I started counting them.

I counted 84.

84 people, between Belmont and Hollywood Blvd. on the southbound bike path Not. Wearing. Fucking. Helmets.

What the fuck.

Do I really need to post more BIKE SMASHY pictures????

No, but I will anyways:

Wear your goddamn helmets

Wear your goddamn helmets

Bike smashies = BAD FUCKING NEWS.

It’s my new goddamn fruitless crusade: Wear your helmets, Chicagoans.  I promise, your flattened fucking hair won’t care.


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