Things I should not do

I should not update my blog while drunk.

I’m already a terrible speller, so I shall now rely solely on those little red squiggly lines to tell me when I spell things ghastly improperly.

I should mention that I don’t really drink. In college, I was basically a one-day-a-weeker, if that.  Since college, I’m about a once-every-two-to-three-months-er.  So it takes about 2 glasses of wine to get me drunk, theseadays.

Since polishing off a half a bottle of wine (and working on bottle #2), I have done the following:

1) Text my college crush, who I was convinced I was over until he emailed me abotu 3 days ago out of the blue.

2) Told my roommate even more details about my embarrassing hook-up from senior year’s Cinqo de Mayo party. Probably more than she wanted to know, but I love her.

3) Watched an episode of the Colbert Report. Man, if that shit is funny when you’re sober, when you’re drunk, it’s fucking hilarious.

4) Spelled about 2/5 of this post incorrectly.  Red squiggly lines, how I love thee.

Okay, I’m off to read an article in the Atlantic about whether Google is making us smarter (fingers crossed for YES or I by brain is fucking screwed).

Then Newsweek.

Oh my god I’m such a nerd. I’m drunk and I can’t even stop being dorky.

<Insert nerdface here>



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