Things that make Mark Sanford happy

After thoroughly ignoring Alaska since last August, save for some senate/AG debacles, Sarah Palin has officially announced her resignation. After 30 months in office.

This naturally begs the question: Is Sarah Palin choosing to  resign (and Andrea Mitchell’s sources say ‘out of politics for good’) at this particular time to take even more of the limelight off of Mark Sanford?

Did the two play rock-paper-scissors to see who would be the less-crazy-more-viable Republican candidate for president in 2012, and Sarah stupidly chose scissors?

Was MJ’s death not enough to divert from the insanity coming out of SC? Had to get more buzz going? We’ve already realized she’s a media-molding-afficianado, and really, what’s one more ploy?

Do I really think this is the reason for the timing of this announcement? No, I think it’s because she’s nuts and realizes she’s been screwing Alaska over since she declared herself Queen of All that is Holy and Red last August.

On the other hand… always choose rock, Sarah.


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