Things that are a little mindtrippy.

My old friend from college, Tom, is half of the duo Dangerous Muse.  Since graduating , I check in on him/them a couple times a year via internet to see their status – which seems to be pretty well with the club/underground scene.  They had a break-out hit in 2006 (The Rejection) which grabbed the #2 download on iTunes on the dance charts, but have been quietish since 2007.

So imagine my surprise when about a month ago I happened upon the H&M website to find Tom’s face plastered all over the website as a part of the Fashion Against AIDS campaign:

Fashion Against AIDS - Dangerous Muse

Fashion Against AIDS - Dangerous Muse

I kind of find this incredibly awesome. My old friend has his face plastered all over subways and billboards across the world.  Really trippy.

I hope they get a boost from this. They’re great kids, and Tom is pretty brilliant with music, and he’s always been dedicated and driven.  Electropop isn’t precisely my genre of choice, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for them.

And just because I can, here’s a totally shameless plug for their music video, The Rejection:

They’re apparently releasing another video soon, so [shameless plug #2] keep your eyes and ears open for it.


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    electropop said,

    thanks for the lo-down… pretty cool song 🙂

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