Things about wars on mice, day 2

I love my landlord. I emailed him at 7am this morning, just as a “Hey, head’s up, I bought d-con for the little icky critters, and since you own the place you probably want to know” email.  Two hours later I received an email back from him that said the exterminator would be by at 3pm, and oh, hey, how much does he owe me for the mouse poison?

Flash forward to 3pm. Mouse traps are installed in addition to more d-con.  My roommates go to bed, I stay up in my bedroom to finish some work.

12: 42am comes around, and I hear a loud, resounding SNAP!

A trap in the kitchen definitely just went off.

Score one for the humans.

Unfortunately, my phobia of mice includes dead ones… so I’m hoping my roommate who goes to work at 3am and is NOT a’feared of mice deals with it. ‘Cuz I’m selfish like that.


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