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How to save money during a recession

I think I’ve come up with a brilliant way to save money during this fiscal recession that seems to be going around:  I’ve stopped buying food.

I counted back the other day and figured out that I haven’t bought food for over a month.

Now, mind you, I currently have a(n albeit lowpaying) job, and I am doing my best to spend money without blowing my own finances completely. I’ve booked travel vacations, bought books, and even purchased a couple of CDs for the first time in years. After a year of living off $80/month, I’m spending money like it’s going out of business!!

Yet… I still need to pay rent.

So my solution?  I’ve stopped buying food.  My [ir]rationale is that during financial times like this, everyone is basically spending all of their money on food, so I’ll use my meager earnings to pimp up the rest of the industries.

So how do I manage this altruistic feat?

Well… alright, fine, it’s not completely my own brilliance.  I happen to have a sweet job where I get free food sometimes. Okay, a lot.  As in, the boss often cooks lunch for the 20-30 employees several times a week.

But looking back on my employment history I realized that the 3 legitimate jobs I’ve held have all provided me with occasional to frequent means of free food (none being in the food industry, though).  But I also realized that not everyone has always taken advantage of these freebies. Which might be because ‘free food’ often translates to ‘not-so-much-healthy-or-delicious-food’   Apparently, my freeness radar (read: “inherent stinginess”) means that I have a low tolerance for what I accept as ‘food’.  You’ve just gotta get rid of that “picky” aspect.

Lesson:  You wanna save money?  Take advantage of the free food out there. Seriously, there’s way more than you’d think. Imagine the thousands you’ll save.


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