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Things that are good news

MRI/MRA results came back – three nail-biting days late – normal. Phew. No brain aneurysm for me! Woohoo!

Now I just have to convince myself that my intense attacks of pain are migraine.

(Pssst, they’re not)

Oh, Cute Dr. Neurologist man.  I disagree with you. But you’re still my favorite doctor, and the only one who I’ve felt has actually listened to me, so… thanks.  Ex Oh Ex Oh.


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Things I should not do #2

Doctor’s office hasn’t received my MRI results yet. Told me to call back tomorrow.

Naturally, what did I do, but spent the entire rest of the day trying to distract myself from my disappointment. Much to my surprise, I actually succeeded a moderate amount.

Until tonight. When I started getting another round of clustery stabbing awfulness cramping in my head…

And I was already on the world wide internets…

And I gave in.

I googled my symptoms.

Ugh, when did I turn into such a hypochondriac?

Head please stop hurting. I will do anything. Just… just… stop being so scary and undiagnosable. Okay?

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Things I am willing to beg for

After a year and a half, I’m willing to beg.  Please make my head stop hurting.  It’s gotten so much worse in the last few months. Please make it stop. I’m so sick of this.

MRI results in 24 hours. I don’t know if I’m hoping for it to show nothing (meaning “asymptomatic migraines” since I fit the right gender and age bill (stupid getting older)), or something worse so I know I’m not totally insane being freaked out by the intense ickyness that’s been attacking my head increasingly over the last year and a half.

Plus, in the past week I have learned though that migraine meds make me nauseous, and don’t really help with the squeezing pain.

So there’s that.

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Things you don’t expect to hear from your neurologist

I finally broke down and went to see a neurologist about my stoopid headaches so that I might qualm the inner hypochondriac tangoing in my brain.

And after a thorough interview session by both the young student doctor as well as Dr. Neurologist himself, what piece of news did my lovely neurologist have which brought a smile to my face?

Wow, you have extraordinarily large pupils!

Um… Thanks?

Uh… I grew them myself?



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