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Things about having no money

I’m officially a grad student now, living off my savings until the day I’ll inevitably need to break down and get loans, which will be a day I spend about three hours sobbing on the floor and bemoaning the realities of debt (which, hopefully, if I budget well won’t be until next August).

In order to prolong that blessed occasion as much as possible, and, really, because I’ve always been a miser, I’m attempting to save money and cut corners in as many ways as possible.  Granted, I’m not being as stringent or good as I was while in JVC – ie, I’ve treated myself to several lunches and/or dinners out since being here – but in my defense most of those meals are still in the sub-$5 or $10 range.

Still, there is one cost cutting activity I’m currently doing which I’m not actively telling (nor, per se “lying to”) my family about: I’m sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. And plan to for the foreseeable future.

The original plan was to sleep on the air mattress until I found a bed at goodwill or something cheap at IKEA. Maybe even a Craigslist free list procurement.

But… after 3 days of accidentally sleeping on an heirloom bedframe (long story) I discovered my air mattress is actually rather comfortable when on the floor.  I’m sure there’s literature available about how air mattresses are terrible for your back/muscles/brain/credit score and such other statistics, but right now? It’s working for me. Plus, not having to drive someplace in Boston and get hopelessly lost trying to find something to sleep on sounds like a better plan to me.

So that’s one of the nice little factoids of my life that just… doesn’t quite garner a mention in my phone calls and emails home.


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Things about not having a job

This is the first time since I was 15 years old that I have not had a job. At all. That’s 9+ years of employment ended. And what’s more, I’m not sure I’m going to get one, since I’m taking an [apparently] insane amount of credits, which is 18 this semester.  So while I would like to have a job – or barring that, at least an unpaid internship which excuses my conscience from not bringing in money but makes my resume happy – I’m not sure that my school load will allow me to do this.

Somehow or another, though, with absolutely no income to speak of… I seem to be spending more money.  Since I know I can’t replace it, I just keep mentally saying, “Screw it” and deciding everything I want is an “investment” anyhow. (Can jeans be an investment? You decide, because my mental acrobatics which swing me between Guilt and Fuck it have given up.)

I really don’t understand how the mathematics of ‘Make no money’ = ‘Spend more money’.

Let’s see how things are in 2 months when my bank account is actually zero.  It’ll be awesome.

ps – No, it won’t.

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