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Things that become messy

Apparently, the Des Plaines River Trail bike path is not travelled enough that it needs to be 100% maintained.

Within 5 miles of attempting to use the DPRT bike path to go from Arlington Heights to Chicago, I had carried my bike over railroad tracks, caked both feet and both bike tires in mud, broken a piece of my bike off, been on the receiving end of approximately 14 mosquito bites, and somehow ended up on a path that dead-ended into a rolling grassy knoll along the side of the highway.

After which I abandoned my billiant DPRT plan and reverted to the safety of city streets.

I’m certain this is more my own dramatic failings than any trail maintenance (although, honestly, having a two-way trail be the width of one bike tire in places doesn’t seem like adequate maintenance), but I’d much rather put the blame on someone else.

Des Plaines River Trail FAIL

Des Plaines River Trail FAIL

It’s okay, though. I needed to do laundry anyways.  And that antiseptic was just sitting there. And Krazy Glue is fun.


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