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Things that become messy

Apparently, the Des Plaines River Trail bike path is not travelled enough that it needs to be 100% maintained.

Within 5 miles of attempting to use the DPRT bike path to go from Arlington Heights to Chicago, I had carried my bike over railroad tracks, caked both feet and both bike tires in mud, broken a piece of my bike off, been on the receiving end of approximately 14 mosquito bites, and somehow ended up on a path that dead-ended into a rolling grassy knoll along the side of the highway.

After which I abandoned my billiant DPRT plan and reverted to the safety of city streets.

I’m certain this is more my own dramatic failings than any trail maintenance (although, honestly, having a two-way trail be the width of one bike tire in places doesn’t seem like adequate maintenance), but I’d much rather put the blame on someone else.

Des Plaines River Trail FAIL

Des Plaines River Trail FAIL

It’s okay, though. I needed to do laundry anyways.  And that antiseptic was just sitting there. And Krazy Glue is fun.


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Ode to Southwest Airlines

Dear Southwest Airlines,

How do I love thee? Let me excessively list the ways:

In the money saving column, your airline tops the U.S. books. Not only do you offer low prices, but you have the courtesy to ignore this new trend of checked baggage fees, allowing not one, but two free checked bags.

For this I love thee.

Your customer representatives are in perpetually cheerful moods. Never once has any check-in person been anything less than kind, and more often than not they’re downright jovial. Are your employees provided a free supply of Prozac to work there? Really, I’m curious.

For this I love thee.

Your flight crews are made up of goofballs. Even when I’m tired and cranky at 6am, that go-the-extra-mile stuff works, and their lame jokes about smoking on the wings and shameless attempts to play matchmaker to the single flight attendant never fail to bring at least a reluctant smile to my face.

For this I love thee.

Children are always treated extra-super-duper special, as if you are making up for the fact that you are unable to give them all a free ice cream cone and puppy during the flight. It’s like you realize that happy children make for much more enjoyable flights or something.

For this I love thee.

And lastly, of course, as of this upcoming summer, your newly expanded destinations finally fly to the places I need to go to! Not that I don’t love flying into Long Island’s ISP airport, but… you know… it sort of ruins the whole cheap flight thing when you have to take the 2 hour commute on the somewhat pricey LIRR into the city.

For all these I love thee.


Thank you, and keep on keepin’ on.

One of your fawning fans,


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