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Things about things you never wanted to know

Apparently the easiest way to find this blog is to google image search some combination of the words: “Volleyball smash.”

Yup. Things you never wanted to know.


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Things that make me angry #5

I currently coach a 6th grade girls volleyball team, and have, throughout the past 10 years or so, coached (or assistant coached) everything from 5th grade to high school summer skills camps.

And never have I coached against a team whose players, playing style, and coaching, make me so furious.

Over the years, I’ve coached mostly with the same woman, and we try to teach the kids good skills and good volleyball in the beginning years, rather than just teaching them to win.  To be perfectly honest, especially at the 5th and 6th grade level, depending on the amount of practice and athletic abilities, teaching the kids to play good volleyball (ie, controlled bump-set-spike) often results in the kids losing more games.

It can be frustrating to have to reassure the team they played well, even though they lost, because they were trying for three hits while the other team just pounds it over on the first ball. And normally I can still appreciate the other team, despite sloppy form and differing ideologies.

This year, though… I found my Nemesis Team.

Our 6th grade team played in 2 leagues in which this other team also played, which meant I got to spend a lot of time watching our opponent.  I know their names, I know their playing styles, I know their coaches, heck, I even recognize many of their parents.

And I hate them.

I know. It’s not kosher to hate any team when you’re a coach, especially a 6th grade team.  I know. It’s horrible and uncooth, and uber-juvenile. I know.

But I hate them.

These girls are possibly the meanest team I have ever seen, including high school teams I’ve played against. And throughout the season, they got just worse. I watched their team captain (also the coaches daughter) yell at her own teammates whenever she made a mistake.  And three hits?  Screw that! I’m going to stick my butt out and pound the ball to the back, and if you don’t, I’ll roll my eyes at you.  Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll make fun of the chubbier girl on the other team when we’re ahead.




But tonight took the cake.  I’ve never seen more eye rolling and bitchy attitudes on the court as during this game. At one point one of their girls passed the ball to the captain to set, but the captain ended up messing up her own set, and proceeded to g  l  a  r  e at the teammate until she apologized… for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Anytime the girls messed up they SLAMMED the ball under the net, one time almost hitting our setter in the nose.

But I think one moment sums up the entire 3 game experience:

On serve receive their backrow passer called the ball,  set herself up to pass, but the captain instead shuffled over, bumped into her, and Knocked. Her. Own. Teammate. Down. and tried to pass the ball.  And then got huffy with her teammate when she then messed up the pass anyways.

It wasn’t like this, with both players just reaching for the ball:

Nope, was most definitely a one-person-standing-still-and-one-sliding-over-to-knock-you-over-because-I’m-so-much-better play:

Bitchy Volleyball Smash

Bitchy Volleyball Smash

So after watching this Bitchfest-’09-Epic-Sportsmanship-FAIL for the past 3 months, you know the best part of my night?

When my 6th graders played their best controlled, three hits game and finally beat this team to win the championship!


Best irony of the night? On the way out, one of our players saw the other team’s captain and said, “Good game tonight!”  Her response?  A roll of the eyes and, “Yeah, whatever.”


Honestly?  Who teaches these girls that this behavior is okay?!?!

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Things your knee should not naturally do

I discovered last night that –  apparently – while landing after an attack in volleyball your lower leg isn’t supposed to roll outward away from your body while your knee stays straight. This causes a lot of pain and hospital visiting and a lack of ability to play sports for multiple weeks.

Things your knee should not naturally do

Things your knee should not naturally do


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